Tajae Francis

President (2017-18)

Tajae Francis is the President of the Rotaract Club. He is from Jamaica and is also the Vice-President of Academic-Affairs to the university through the Student Government Association. He is currently majoring in political science with a concentration on international relations. Tajae is heavily involved with student life on campus and can be seen initiating projects with other student groups and attending meetings across campus. 

William White

Vice President

William is the Vice-President of the club. He has been a very important part in establishing the club in the year 2016. He is also the Vice-President of Outreach in the Student Government Association. William is a History major and is a part of the college Rugby-Football team.

Tyler D’Alto


Tyler is the Treasurer of the club. Last year, he was the Attorney General of the Student Government Association. He has an impressive background in finances and accounts handling. He is a Business Economics Major and is also the Treasurer of his Fraternity, SAE.

Khayla McClinton


Khayla is the Secretary of the club. She is new to Rotaract and she is really excited to be providing leadership and setting organizational excellence as our Secretary. She is currently studying Nursing at Armstrong. She is heavily involved in college and seeks to bring her leadership skills to the club.

Austin Eskew


Austin Eskew is the Sergeant-at-Arms. Austin is a Criminal Justice major with a concentration in Cyber Crime. He is a Marine Corps Veteran and serves in the Armstrong Military Resources Center. He is a fun person to hang out with and is a great resource to campus and the club!

Julie Gerbsch

Staff Advisor

Julie Gerbsch is the Assistant Vice President of Development at the Armstrong State University. She has a very impressive and renowned background in Nonprofit Management and Business. She is also a Rotarian at the Rotary Club of Savannah South.

Lynn Hadwin

Rotary Advisor

Lynn Hadwin is the Rotary Advisor from the Rotary Club of Savannah South to the Rotaract Club. Lynn is a Paul Harris Fellow and is a Past District Governor as well. He is a very well known Rotarian to almost all the Rotarians in Savannah and is very passionate about the GRSP program. His main achievement (quite impressive) is that he has not missed a single weekly Rotary meeting for 30 YEARS!

Gayla (Nikki) Herbert

Club Service Director

Nikki Herbert is the Past-President and Club Service Director of the Rotaract Club. She’s an impressive young lady, juggling quite a few jobs and campus organizational involvements, but never running late on a deadline or missing a smile on her face. She is a Business Major at Armstrong with a focus on Accounting and International Studies. She’s hoping to graduate in May 2018.

Dustin Scott

Finance Director

Dustin Scott is the Director of Finance of the club. He is responsible for handling projects that’ll incur an income to the club such as fund-raisers etc. He will work with the treasurer to create a sustainable income to the club. Dustin is a veteran and is also a part of the Student Veterans of America (SVA) Chapter at Armstrong.

Michael Loomis

Community Service Director

Michael Loomis is one of the Co-Founders of the club (2016). He is now the Director of Community Service. He graduated from Armstrong with a Bachelors in International Relations in Fall 2016. While at College Michael was heavily involved through the Student Government Association and his fraternity.